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Upcoming Events


Foundations for Fund Directors®, December 4–5

December 2024

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2024 Schedule

2024 ICI Innovate
February 6–8
San Diego, CA
2024 Tax and Accounting Conference
September 22–25
Boca Raton, FL
2024 Investment Management Conference
March 17–20
Palm Desert, CA
2024 Fund Directors Conference
October 21–23
Chicago, IL
2024 Leadership Summit
May 21–23
Washington, DC
2024 Securities Law Developments Conference
October 8 & 10
2024 Fund Directors Workshop
May 21–23
Washington, DC
2024 Closed-End Fund Conference
November 12
New York, NY


2025 Schedule

2025 ICI Innovate
February 3–5
Huntington Beach, CA
2025 Fund Directors Workshop
April 30–May 2
Washington, DC
2025 Investment Management Conference
March 16–19
San Diego, CA
2025 Tax and Accounting Conference
October 5–8
Palm Desert, CA
2025 Leadership Summit
April 30–May 2
Washington, DC

2025 Fund Directors Conference
October 27–29
Scottsdale, AZ

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Virtual Roundtables

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